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Meadow Vista Veterinary Clinic

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17120 Placer Hills Rd.
Meadow Vista, CA 95722
Phone: 530-878-2009
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Large Animal Services:

Here at Meadow Vista Veterinary Clinic, we see a wide range of animals including Bovine (cows), Equine (horses), Caprine (goats), Ovine (sheep) and Porcine (pigs). Services include vaccinations, well checks, treatment for minor colics, lacerations, dental procedures (floats), cold laser therapy, lameness, and emergencies. Also, we provide health certificates for travel to different states. (requirements vary for more information go to import requirements )  Both Dr. Pam Pussich and Dr. Joe Sheldon are versed in large animal medicine as well as small animal medicine.

Additional Services: 

Digital Radiography:

As a part of our commitment to providing quality medicine for our patients, we are equipped with digital radiography which allows us to provide our patients with safer, more efficient imaging services. Digital radiography is safer for our patients because it exposes them to less radiation by making imaging easier to complete. 

Hand and Power Floating:

Yearly examinations allow us to monitor the health of our patients which includes checking the teeth. At the time of the horses exam, our doctors may recommend floating. We require sedation for the floating procedure because we are able to balance the mouth for equal wear on the teeth. The reason we require sedation with horses is because instinctively they are flight animals and react to the equipment used. We are able to perform both hand and power floats depending on what the patient needs. Horses have hypsodont teeth that do not have nerves close to the surface like humans do. Their nerves are deeper within the tooth so floating does not cause them pain unless it is overdone.

Bad teeth can result in a variety of health and behavior changes in horses. Here are some of the most common complaints:

  • Poor performance
  • Weight loss
  • Head tossing
  • Inability to collect or stay collected
  • Behavior change
  • Dropping feed
  • Head shy
  • Long stems of hay in feces
  • Decreased appetite
  • Not wanting to turn to one side or another
  • Opening mouth while carrying a bit

Laser therapy for large animal:

Companion Laser Therapy can help a multitude of problems commonly seen in our equine friends. The most common being acute and chronic laminitis, acute and chronic back pain, back disorders, degenerative joint disease, foot disorders, fractures, greased heels, hip joint disorders, hygroma of the elbow,  joint related injuries, lameness disorders, tendonitis, and wound healing. 

For a full list of treatable conditions click here.

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Open the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 8-5


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   smile emoticon

I've been going to MV Vet Clinic for about 15 years and Dr. Pam and her staff have helped so many times with the pets, rescues, and foster dogs that have crossed my path. My most recent visit was an emergency trip because my Weimaraner had been bitten on the ear and Dr. Pam and her staff treated Harley immediately, stitching, laser treating, and bandaging him up. Last year it was a Boxer with a cut pad. From bad hips, torn ACLs, emergency visits to regular checkups, I am always confident that MV Vet will give the best care possible. Thank you!

Chris P.

Our 13.5 year old German Shepherd has gotten to the point that even with medications his mobility was decreasing. Dr. Pam suggested that we try Companion Laser Therapy, so we did. BB went from barely able to get up to being like a puppy again after the initial treatments. We know have him on a maintenance regimen that keeps him comfortable and let's him be our baby a little longer. Dr. Pam was wonderful during the process. She stayed in the room and explained everything that was/would happen. The whole staff has been exceptional in treating him and also "me". I highly recommend that if you have a pet with needs that Laser Therapy might meet, talk to Dr. Pam and see if it will work!


  We finally found a Veterinary Clinic in our area that we really really like. Dr Pam and the staff there are all great. Even our Mastiff loves going there, she actually goes in wagging her tail and smiling, no fighting to get her in the door, she goes right in. Hum, it could be all the petting and hugs she gets. smile emoticon

They really treat her well. She had to go through a series of treatments and all through the process she never resisted going in the door...I was amazed because we've had her at other vet clinics and she fights to not go past the door threshold. I recommend Meadow Vista Clinic to all my friends with pets, I'm positive they will be happy with this pet clinic. I truly appreciate that they make me and my pets comfortable there.

Debi J. 

Office Hours

                      Morning:    Afternoon:         
Monday:           8-12              2-5

Tuesday:          8-12              2-5

Wednesday:     8-12              2-5

Thursday:         8-12              2-5

Friday:             8-12              2-5

Saturday:         8-12              2-5

*Ist and 3rd Saturday of the Month

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Meadow Vista Veterinary Clinic
17120 Placer Hills Rd.
Meadow Vista, CA 95722
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