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Disaster Preparedness Month and 15% off Microchipping for the month of June


Nobody likes to think about disasters, but a little bit of thought ahead of time can save your pet’s life.  Being prepared for a disaster can give you a direction to go during a time of chaos and ultimately may save precious moments, which can save yours and your pet’s life.  The following will give you some guidelines for what to do before, during and after a disaster.

Making a plan and practicing a plan is always the first step in being prepared.  The whole family should be involved so everybody knows what should happen. If you have a trusted neighbor getting them involved is also a good idea in case you are not home at the time of a disaster.  

Identification is critical during disasters.  Whether your pets stay confined at home or are transported to a local pet emergency shelter, you need to make sure you can identify your pets to verify ownership.  Dogs and cats should have collars or harnesses with name tags that have current information and rabies tags if applicable. Horses can have name tags or name plates placed on their halters.  For other large animals brands and ear tags will help to identify them. Dogs, cats, horses and some reptiles can and should be microchipped. Microchips are permanent, traceable forms of i.d. that can never be lost and are fairly inexpensive.