Senior Wellness


Medical advancements in pet care over the last decade or two improved and lengthened the lives of pets significantly. We are seeing more pets reach into their geriatric years. A dog is considered geriatric at 7-8 years of life and a cat at 9 years of life. Some people may feel that is still young, but dogs age approximately seven times faster and cats approximately five times faster than people. The needs of your senior pet can change dramatically in a very short period of time.

Not only do pets’ external appearances change, but normal body functions may also change. Senior pets are more susceptible to the following conditions:

Heart disease

Dental disease


Liver disease

Kidney Disease


Thyroid disease


*Most of these conditions, if diagnosed and treated early, can be resolved or managed with your pet still maintaining an excellent quality of life.

Our senior evaluation and wellness recommendations have been designed to diagnose, prevent and treat the most common problems we see in our senior pets.

We want all of our patients to have the best care possible and so to help their pet parents we have formulated a senior ultimate wellness plan, which includes comprehensive screening for all of the conditions that are listed here at a discount.


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